Archiving Amiga floppies

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Not that I've ever has an

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>> This reminds me - does anyone here have an ethernet card that would work
>> in an Amiga 2000? I've got one I'd like to put on the 'net.

Not that I know a lot about the Amiga, but don't some come with ISA slots?
If so, maybe a jumperable NE2000 clone might work on the cheap?



>Sorry, Gene, I don't have any spares, but I can recommend a very good
>one, the X-Surf, which is still being produced. Some specs:

>- 10Base2 and 10Base-T supported
>- 20MBit transfer rate (fullduplex, twisted-pair only)
>- compatible with Miami, Genesis, AmiTCP and all TCP/IP Stacks that can
>access a Sana-2 driver
>- Sana-2 driver included, NetBSD driver available in the latest
>- two clockports for A1200 expansions such as Silversurfer and Hypercom -
>two IDE ports 3,5" and 2,5" for harddisks and CD-Roms can be activated by
>the IDE-fix Software

>Available from Software Hut ( for around $140 US. And
>that price is extremely reasonable, given that old A2065s and ASDG
>Lanrovers routinely fetch $60-75 on eBay. Newer Ethernet cards like the
>Ariadne II sell for $100 or more.


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