Moonraker MAC card & car full of MAC stuff -- help me identify....

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Fri Dec 1 11:02:24 2000

>I have a Radius Pivot monitor too, which I use on the regular video output
>of my PowerMac 6100.
>There are different kinds of Pivots, but with mine you just need to know a
>little trick --
>boot the computer with the monitor in the horizontal position and the
>computer will
>identify its resolution correctly. After the computer is booted, you can
>rotate it vertical.

Run that past me again slow.

Pivots sort of work with a lot of builtin video, but typically only in the
portrait orientation. Are you saying on the 6100 if you boot with the
monitor in the landscape position, that it will dynamically switch to the
Portrait mode later? Is this with or without a special control panel?

Details appreciated, ie model of pivot, control panels, cables, is this
builtin 6100 video, or one of the card or AV options.
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