DaynaFile 2

From: Mark <>
Date: Fri Dec 1 11:05:36 2000


On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 Louis Schulman wrote:
> Does someone know the voltage of the external power supply
> (mine is missing);

My Daynafile has two 5.25" drives, 360K and 1.2MB. Its power supply uses a
5-pin DIN connector. Output is rated at +5V 2.0A, +12V 0.5A, -12V 0.5A. (I
can't imagine the -12V is used.)

My unit is probably not a Daynafile II though; apparently the II used a
different type of power supply.

> Does someone have the software. I have downloaded the two
> .hqx files, but they are password protected. Doh! Anyone
> know how to crack password protection on an .hqx file?

The hqx extension indicates that the files have been encoded using BinHex.
This is basically a Mac equivalent of uuencoding, except it knows about
resource and data forks.

>From memory, the two files DaynaFile3_1.hqx and DaynaFILE4_1.hqx are password-
protected StuffIt archives when you un-binhex them.

The Read_Before_Downloading file which used to be on (that
server is down now, unsurprisingly) said:

--- cut here ---

These files are for use with the DaynaFILE and non-PCI based Macintosh
machines. Beware that these files are PASSWORD PROTECTED. Version 3.1 of
the software is free of charge, and requires no ROM upgrade. Version 4.1 is
not free of charge and requires a ROM upgrade.

For information on passwords or ROM upgrades, please contact:
--- cut here ---

Intel's "support" for Dayna products is pathetic, not much point in asking
them for help.

My DaynaFile has EPROM version 3.1. If anyone has a Daynafile with a later
version EPROM, please let me know! To determine EPROM version, you need to
take the unit apart. I would also like to know the password for the
DaynaFILE4_1 file. Ideally, the updated EPROM would allow the drives to be
used with any computer with a SCSI interface.

-- Mark
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