CAMAC stuff for sale

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Fri Dec 1 12:58:08 2000

Hello all,

I am currently negotiating to buy some Multibus stuff from a gentleman named
Anton Auersperg (If anyone else has any Multibus items, please let me know).
He asked me to post his list of CAMAC stuff to the list, to see if anyone
was interested in it (I am not). Please contact him directly at for more details, or to close the deal. He is located in
Montreal, Canada.

Here's the list:

       CAMAC system equipment available

       (Computer Automated Measurement and Control) IEEE 583

qty description

1 Standard Engineering Corporation (S.E.C.)
               Ultima 3742F CAMAC powered crate;
               19" rack mount chassis, 25 slot

1 S.E.C. MIK-11/23
               microcomputer system, 16 bit LSI 11/23 (DEC PDP11)
               supports RT-11 and RSX-11M operating system and all
               DEC PDP-11 software

2 S.E.C. 300220 MIK-11 memory module

1 S.E.C. peripheral adaptor

1 Data Systems Design DSD-880 data storage; combination winchester and
                      8" floppy disk drives, 7.8Mb fixed, 1Mb removable

1 S.E.C. E260 8 channel digital to analog converter, 12 bit

1 S.E.C. RTC-018 real time clock, with functions for counting, timing

1 S.E.C. AR302E isolated input register, 16 optically isolated inputs

1 S.E.C. ORR-12 reed relay contact closure, 12 isolated dry-reed

1 S.E.C. IG-604 dual 24-bit interrupt gate; for scanning 48 external
                      inputs for status change, eliminates software scanning

1 GEC IGOR 160206 input gate output register module;
                      general purpose input/output register

1 GEC PAD 160404 32 channel differential input, precision A/D
                      16 bit resolution, 14 bit accuracy

1 GEC PCI 160901 programmable communications interface; 2 comm ports,
                      either RS232 or RS422 c/w Z80,memory,real-time clock

2 GEC SMC 160303 stepping motor controller

1 GEC SPO 160203 dual 16 bit status in and 8 bit pulse output module

1 Fisher controls ltd.
                      ADC1232-1 32 channel differential input A/D converter
                      12 bit resolution.

1 Bi-Ra model 32222 dual 24 bit parallel output register module.


The following literature is available:

1 Data systems design inc. DSD 880x/8 user's guide. with bootable
diagnostic diskette.
1 Digital equipment corp. DR11-C general device interface user's manual.
1 Digital equipment corp. LA 120 user guide (decwriter)
1 Digital equipment corp. M8063 SBC-11/21 single board computer user's
2 Digital equipment corp. TECO pocket guide.
3 Digital equipment corp. PDP11 programming card.
2 Digital equipment corp. RT-11 pocket guide.
1 Digital equipment corp. VT55 programming manual (shrink wrapped

1 SEC MIK-11/23 system manual volume 1.
1 SEC MIK-11/23 system manual volume 2. (drawings)
1 SEC E-260 voltage/current DAC.
1 SEC Ultima 3742F CAMAC powered crate. (drawings)
1 SEC PDP-11/CAMAC support library M 106060 Rev.B volume 2.
1 SEC RTC-018 Real time clock.
1 SEC ORR-12 reed relay module.
1 SEC IG-604 dual 24-bit interrupt gate.
1 SEC WW-006 prototype module.
1 SEC AR 302/E.
1 SEC user's guide to the QUANTROL system.
1 SEC PAB-11 peripheral adaptor.

1 GEC introduction to the CAMAC dataway.
1 GEC IGOR 160206 technical manual.
1 GEC PAD 160404 technical manual.(with schematic blueprint)
1 GEC PAD 160901 technical manual.
2 GEC REB 160905 rigid extender board technical manual.
5 GEC TPM 160805 analog signal conditioning module technical manual.
1 GEC SPO 160203 technical manual.
2 GEC SMC 160303 technical manual.
1 Fisher controls ADC 1232-1 instruction manual
1 BiRa systems inc. model 3222 dual 24 bit parallel output register
schematic blue print only.


Rich B.
Received on Fri Dec 01 2000 - 12:58:08 GMT

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