From: Mike <>
Date: Sat Dec 2 14:55:41 2000

>From Mike Kenzie

Hi Mike,

Those Next Cube are cool . I just found my first partial Cube (I got the
Cube, Keyboard, Mouse for $15 one time at an auction and the monitor (it
took $60 to win it) the next time, so your $70 machine sounds real
reasonable to me. They go for alot on Ebay and you'd make money doing that.
But they are awesome machines with a neat objective development os
(Mathematica was included in academic versions) that cost around $10K.
They came with Maxtor 500 or 700 meg harddrives with NextStep on them and
several apps were availalbe too. Also look for the MagnetOptical(I think)
250meg r/w drive and high capacity floppy (all of which were missing in

Go for it and good luck with it... Or if you want to send it to a caring

- Mike:
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