From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Dec 2 17:09:34 2000

>It was in the back of a scarp yard. They had it running but
>I couldn't find the mouse pointer.

>There was a laser printer, dot-matrix, 2 monitors, keyboard
>and mouse.

>Is it worth $75 cdn?

A place near me just scrapped about 20 of these systems (cubes and slabs),
before I found out of course, but even if I was there in time I would not
have wanted more than "maybe" one complete system and some parts, and would
not have paid US $50. Maybe I would have paid $50, but half that is more
like it unless it was REALLY clean and had some software and documents.

Sure it LOOKS great, but functionally it isn't much different from any 10
year old mac, EXCEPT everything is proprietary so its a PITA to find parts,
software, etc. With NextStep available for MUCH newer and faster hardware,
ownership has to be one of those "collector" things. The question I try to
seriously ask myself is; "Do I really want it?", or "Would anybody else
really want it", or the final "How much of a total ass will I feel like if
I let this get scrapped, dumped, etc."

BTW I did just look on the almighty eBay, and a bunch of Next stuff is
selling/sold with the last couple of complete Cube systems going for $500
and $200, and new in the box printers about $280. Given the size, weight,
and variation on sales prices I don't know if I would bring one home just
to sell and pack for a profit. Most likely yes, but I know I would grumble
all the way to the bank.

Is anyone on the list an ACTIVE Next user or collector?
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