Mild OT: Parity Apple DIMMs?

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Dec 2 18:53:18 2000

> >Is there *any* source for parity lo-pro 60ns DIMMs? Same physical
> >configuration
> >as the DIMMs that go into the 7200-7600 and others, but 60ns and parity or
> >ECC. This is for an Apple Network Server 500, which is basically an overgrown
> >9500 with six PCI slots, seven drive bays, and no support from Apple. :-(
> Maybe
> It looks like they sell at least three diffrent types RAM for it, not sure
> if they have what you need. Of course it's *very* expensive still.

Yeah, I'm already prepared to get bitten badly in the pocketbook. The order
I had with Kingston/Outpost was $300+ (cough) until they decided that they
*weren't* carrying the RAM and cancelled the order. Lovely, that.

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