Anobody familliar with Hypercharger 020 Accel. Card for MAC SE?

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <>
Date: Sun Dec 3 15:16:12 2000

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000, Lawrence Walker wrote:

> > I think you'd have a problem there. The Colour Classic is a 16Mhz
> > 68030 machine (the CC II is 33Mhz). IIRC, the CC II still isn't quite
> > as good as the SE/30 (a truely kick ass little machine).
> >
> > Zane
> Nope. Both the Color Classic and the Classic II as well as the
> SE-30s were 68030 16Mhz machines. The CC was a little slower
> than the II due to the color draw. But yes the SE/30 is reputed to
> be faster.

You're both right. Zane was talking about the Color Classic II, which was
supposedly never marketd in the US. It used, in fact, a 68030 running at
33 MHz. The monochrome Classic II uses the same CPU, but clocked at 16

Where the Classic II and Color Classic fall down in comparison to the
SE/30, though, is in memory capacity. The former two each support only 10
MB of RAM. The SE/30 supports up to 128 MB, assuming you can find the
unobtainable 16 MB SIMMs to fit.

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