Classic Cinemaware Games

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Date: Mon Dec 4 15:33:27 2000

> I have to say I *really* appreciate you posting this... Cinemaware games
> were definitely a cut above, whether on Amiga or C64 (the two that I've
> played them on) I hope that others will post such things as they see
> them, as I get a feeling that more and more old software will be released

No problem, I figured others besides me would be interested in it. Got to
agree on the bit about hoping others will post simular info.... Hmmm, maybe
an idea for a web page there (actually wouldn't surprise me if there already
is a web page up for this).

> in a free form (free of legal entangles, anyways... sure you can "pirate",
> but it's nice to see old software released for free; it's the right thing
> to do if there's no paying market anymore)

ISTR, seeing a couple other cases of this, and in some cases they even
release the source code.

> > Hmmmm..... Looks like I've definitly got to get my Amiga 3000 back up and
> > running! Something tells me I'll be working on that this weekend!
> me too... looks like the "roms" (NES audience I suppose) aren't available
> yet for any platform... I better finish up my projects before those get
> released. No work will be done for at least a week following that. :)

Unfortunatly I didn't have time to get the Amiga 3000 out of storage, and
it's the only way I can make floppies for the Amiga 500. So I didn't get to
try any of the games out, didn't even get a chance to download any.

The wierd thing on the ROMs is that IIRC, they listed the Amiga and Atari
versions as ROMs?!?!

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