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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Mon Dec 4 19:02:40 2000

LFessen106 skrev:

>Hi Everyone!
>I just picked up a few DECstations (Thanks Carlos!) and was wondering what
>your impressions/suggestions for them would be.
>I picked up:
>2 DECstation 5000/33 (Maxine)


>DECstation 5000/125 (3min - I think)


>DECstation 2100 (pmin - I think)


>The Maxine's and the 2100 are running Ultrix 4.2 and 4.3 respectively. The
>2100 is running NetBSD.
>I didn't get any monitor with the 2100 and it's got some sort of mono frame
>buffer with a cable that terminates in a single bnc connector. Anyone know
>what I can hook this into to get some video? I did get monitors with both
>maxines, however, one is very dim. I have some other monitors that take the
>BNC type connectors but don't know what the frequencies are supposed to be on
> the Maxines and don't want to blow any of my old working monitors up trying
>them out arbitrarilly. Both Maxines are running expanded frame buffer cards
>(forget exactly the name and can't look at them right now). I also wanted to
> know if anyone knew where I could find Ultrix CD's and if it's possible to
>upgrade the scsi hard drives in these machines to something a little more
>spacious than their well-functioning-but-small 80's counterparts. These are
>my DECstations and I have to say I am impressed with them so far. They're
>DECent little unix boxen! I anxiously wait for any comments, hints, tips,
>and stories you may have for me regarding these computers.

There is a man on eBay who sells Ultrix CDs, he's got a set up for sale right
Of course it's possible to upgrade the hard drive. The only limitation would
be the boot partition, which should be kept at a 1 GB maximum, IIRC.
As for the frequencies, I have no idea. It is odd that this is specified
nowhere on the net, though a search through the NetBSD/pmax list would
probably give enough info.
I'd love to see a DEC equivalent to, for DECstation hardware
really is obscure, in the sense of being murky and unknown, not to mentionm
having pretty names like PMAG-BA, PMAG-C, PNAD, PDET und so weiter. =/

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