Bob Supnik's Emulators

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 06:57:50 2000

> OK, this is interesting.... It seems the emulators are now at V2.5 and
> they've got a web page. Support has been added for the HP2100 and
> Interdata 4.
> There is a link on the page to some cool pic's.
> Zane

They're pretty cool... I did a RSTS/E sysgen on the emulated 11/70.
Anyone got any RSTS/E docs on the net?

I do like Doug Jones' PDP8 emulator a bit better since it does the
8E -- front panel switch, blinkenlights and all.

You can single step it wit a mouse.
You can do it in the house.
You can do it here and there.
With a laptop it runs anywhere.

Apologies to Theodore Geisel...
I wish there was a DEC front panel option for the emulated 11/70.
I'd love to see the different light patterns again.


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