old floppy drives

From: Edwin P. Groot <epgroot_at_ucdavis.edu>
Date: Tue Dec 5 20:14:00 2000

    The 720 has one sensor near the door at the left side, which is for the
write protect. The 1.44 has the write protect sensor on the left and a 1.44
sensor on the right. Note how 1.44 disks have a rectangular hole on the
right side of the label, but not 720 disks.
    1.2 versus 360... duh, I don't know, besides trying it on a PC. If you
get a seek error for tracks >39, then probably 360k, but don't quote me on
     Ever thought of making a RAID floppy subsystem? ;)


At 07:45 PM 12/5/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>How do I tell a 1.2 meg drive from a 360 drive,
>and the 720 from the 1.44?
>I have 2 boxes of drives that came with the terminals
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