Source for Osborne documentation?

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Dec 5 22:39:35 2000

At 06:49 PM 12/5/00 -0800, Josh wrote:
>I would be happy to scan the Osborne docs and make them available on the web
>(and return them promptly!). The only question is, what format should they
>be in? ASCII seems to be the logical choice, but of course you loose all
>the diagrams. PDF would be nice (and make the scanning much easier), but
>how portable is PDF? Also, file sizes tend to get big with PDFs.
>Suggestions on the format?

   You're right about ASCII being nice. It's a readable on a lot more
systems than PDF is and the files are smaller too. But as you say, it's
more work and you lose the diagrams. The best solution would be to post
both but that's even more work and requires storage space.

   I don't think webspace will be a problem. Jay West has offered free and
unlimited webspace on his server for anyone to post their classic computer
related pages. I intent to move my stuff over there when I have time. I can
put the Osborne docs on my relocated website if necesssary.

  I'll put together a list of the Osborne docs that I have. I'll try to do
it tomorrow.


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>> >> I am looking for the original Osborne 1 and Osborne Executive
>> >> documentation... any suggestions? A copy would be fine. A scanned
>> >> would be even better. Is there an online archive of scanned
>> >> somewhere? Thanks.
>> I have a lot of Osborne docs but I don't have the time to scan them. I
>> will loan them out if someone can scan them and put the file on the net
>> they will return the manuals promptly and in good condition. I'm still
>> trying to get back my NEC MultiSpeed manuals that I loaned to one of the
>> list members OVER two years ago!
>> Joe
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