Unusual uses for ZX81/TS1000 (was: TS1000 gets $800 composite monitor)

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Date: Tue Dec 5 22:06:28 2000

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> have found a new use for my Power Mac G3: as a composite monitor for my
> Timex Sinclair 1000. Now that's quality! :-P

Well, even Apple equipment has some real-world functionality ;>)
> Composite input works fine thanks to the mod Glen put in the TS1000 (tip of
> the hat :-).

Thanks! -- and glad to hear you're up and running. The standard RF modulator
included with the ZX81/TS1000 is so bad that I had to do something. Lots of
folks dismissed this machine just because of the eye-bleeder display, but for
fifty cents in parts and a TV or monitor with composite input (plus a decent
keyboard) the thing is actually useable for basic applications. I've used
mine for company payroll, inventory, order tracking, etc. The ability to
load programs at 4800 baud (as opposed to the native 300 baud) also increases
the useability of the machine.

Currently I have one set up in the shop as a "system configurator," where
people custom-build a system by selecting the parts they want included, then
they print out the results and hand them to me. Customers really like the
"one-finger" keyboard commands and never notice the monochrome display . . .

I recently spoke with a guy at NASA who uses ZX81s for robotics projects, so
I guess there must be others out there who use these critters for something.

Is anyone else still using a ZX81/TS1000 on a regular basis? And if so, for

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