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>>In fact, these are absolutely the crappiest storage devices I have ever seen
>>used on any computer.
>>Any challengers for worst storage device?

My experience with moving head and moving media technology has not been a
happy one.

Disks are inherently unreliable due to thier moving media and moving
heads. Tape too. In many cases, tape heads and media also move.
Disk/tape technology is going to give way to some solid-state system in
the not too distant future.

As to unreliable drives:

The Atari Cassette drive was never any good.

The Rana 1000 disk drive had no track 0 sensor so literally knocked
it'self out of alignment.

The Percom AT8 series drives weren't compatible with themselves.

The SWP ATR8000 series computers had the same problem Percoms did....

The Atari XF551 would break if you plugged it in.

Those 40mb Xebec drives that WD bought out and added a IDE interface to
were horrible.

Miniscribe 3650

The Seagate ST125,138, and 157A were horrible. Buy 10 return 11. In fact,
any seagate made after the ol' 200 series are aweful. That is until they
bought Conner out and things began to improve.

I can't say that the Prairytek drives stacked up very well.

Toshiba 2.5" ide hard disk mechs. BEWARE! I told you so.

Microscience low-end drives were bad too.

Whatever name of the hard disk maker that bought Atari was. Thier drives
aren't too great, but better than Seagates of the time.

There are lots of bad drive makers out there to chose from.

How about a vote on the BEST disk drives ever?

I'd vote:

Bulletproof drives:

The Atari 810, 1050, and any modified version

Seagate St225,251, and 4096 interface version notwithstanding

Teac floppy mechanisms - just great mechs

CDC/Imprimis hard disks



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