new finds and... Atari 810/1050 help

From: Mike <>
Date: Wed Dec 6 09:12:56 2000

From: Mark Gregory <>
> Mike, nice find!

yup, I'm fighting the urge to paint racing stripes down the side of it...

>Which also illustrates the first rule of thrift shopping:
> Before passing up anything, always open the case! You never know what rare
> and desirable stuff lurks inside that battered and forlorn looking Apple
> / Atari 800 / Coleco ADAM / etc. Any collector worth his or her salt
> never go on an expedition without a pocket tool containing an assortment
> screw and socket drivers.

Good point. And one can also gauge how deeply (insane) emersed in
collecting these things they are by the size/complexity of those pocket
tool(s) carried along. ;)

> Anyway, I think I have an Atari disk drive service manual at home. I'll
> check tonight and get back to you.

Great, thanks!

- Mike:
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