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From: John Honniball <John.Honniball_at_uwe.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Dec 6 12:02:35 2000

On 02 Dec 00 03:51:59 +0100 Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
> John Honniball skrev:
> >I have another machine, called a Stride, like that. I was
> >told that Sage had to change their name -- don't know why
> >-- and they changed it to Stride. The Stride is wider than
> >the Sage II and has a hard disk. Some of the (ex-INMOS)
> >machines had a QIC-02 tape interface and an internal
> >quarter-inch tape drive.
> Ooh, I've been meaning to ask about that one. There is a Stride at the
> usergroup. It's a big tower, grey of colour. Apparently it's 68000 based, but
> what kind of system is it, and what OS does it run?

If it's a tower-style case, it may be the bigger model of
Stride with a proper MMU. I was told that they run Unix
(BSD I think), but I've never actually seen one running.

I have the parts of a tower-case machine at home, saved
after someone converted it (with a hacksaw) into a PC case.

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