What tools do you carry, always

From: FBA <fauradon_at_mn.mediaone.net>
Date: Wed Dec 6 14:51:05 2000

I'm not sure you can fish out equipment with a rs 422 with such cable, I
think you need compatible signal.

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Date: Wednesday, December 06, 2000 2:38 PM
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>I always carry a Leatherman Micra; it's small, light and versatile.
>Mike Ford writes:
>> Plus of course a few "fishing" tools, ie old RS232 cables for fishing in
>> dumpsters.
>Okay, you'll need to explain that one to me.
>If there's an old cable that lets you drop one end into a dumpster,
>and latches onto a mating connector to help you pull equipment out,
>I want one too! :)
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