TS1000 gets $800 composite monitor

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Wed Dec 6 14:48:42 2000

Cameron Kaiser skrev:

>> While we're on the subject of video mods, is there any way to get RGB out a
>> C64 or C128? I find it amazing that Commodore never added that. Are these
>> supposed to be computers or what? Even the Sega Master System had RGB!

>Out of a 128? Yes, but only in VDC 80-column mode. The 9-pin DSUB in the back
>exports a signal that works just fine with most CGA and many EGA monitors,
>and if you are ridiculously lucky enough to have a multisync that can drop to
>a frequency that low, a select few VGA/SVGA monitors.

I do have both an Amiga 1438S (OEM Microvitec), NEC Multisync 3D and Eizo
something or other. The Eizo will quite happily take digital signals, too,
OTOH, I already have a mono 80-column monitor, so that won't help me much. I'd
rather like to see the blue BASIC screen in 40-column mode.

How deep into the traces on the C64 must one go in order to obtain RGB, RGB
not reassembled out of composite or Y/C, that is.

>Otherwise (for 40-column 128 mode and the 64), find something like AIM Labs'
>JAM!! box, which takes S-video, composite and just about everything else, and
>spits out VGA. Never used it myself, however.

Useless, since I've already got monitors for every kind of computer output. =/

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