What tools do you carry, always

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Wed Dec 6 15:43:55 2000

>> Plus of course a few "fishing" tools, ie old RS232 cables for fishing in
>> dumpsters.
>Okay, you'll need to explain that one to me.

Untangling a bunch of cords I was thinking to myself that some of the old
RS232 cables with big screws on the sides seem to catch on everything, and
a lightbulb came on. They do catch on just about everything, so I keep a
couple sizes in the car to fish in dumpsters with. They wedge, hook, wrap,
etc. and they are pretty strong. The stiffness of the cable lets you drop
one down in the dumpster, then by twisting the end in your hand, sort of
walk it under stuff. Very handy, not very obviously a fishing tool.

BTW I have fished out sealed plastic bags of various items, and that is a
challenge, since there isn't anything to grip. Of course you can also sort
of make a loop at the end which works a bit like a snare if you can drop it
around something and pull to tighten before the loop slips apart.
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