NEXTcube, now what?

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Wed Dec 6 15:51:37 2000

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Subject: Re: NEXTcube, now what?
> I'd rather run
> NeXTStep myself (since it is such a good match for the hardware - you
> can run BSD almost anywhere, but only NeXT systems [for all practical
> purposes] can run NeXTStep)

You may still be able to get NeXTStep 3.3 installation media (on CD-ROM)
from Apple. There was a program to provide Y2K updates, with NS 3.3 thrown
in as a bonus. All you had to do was provide Apple with the serial number
of your Cube or Slab (black hardware only). NeXT took the very sensible
position that the OS is integral to the machine, so to prove that you have
the right to the OS, you just had to prove you have a Cube of Slab. I
believe the upgrade was free, but you may have had to pay S & H. The
program was still in effect 9 months ago.

The external SCSI connector on NeXTs is an Apple-standard DB-25, so any
external SCSI CD-ROM will do, and NeXTs can be setup to boot from CD-ROM.

Mark "Still remorseful about selling my Cube" Gregory
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