What tools do you carry, always

From: McFadden, Mike <mmcfadden_at_cmh.edu>
Date: Wed Dec 6 16:13:50 2000

I always have a pen, two or three 3 X 5 cards, and a Phillips/flat bladed
screwdriver. My wife has washed this lot more than once and she still loves

The best tool I have is an open helpful mind, I have been given more
computers by people who have asked me a "computer" question or found out
that I collect old computers. I received a complete Xerox 6085 system,
manuals, cables and all software because I offered to help a friend move
some "old" computers.

My physical tool list when I'm computer hunting or not at work.
Small serv-a-lite screwdriver that has a double ended shaft with
interchangeable flat and Phillips screwdrivers. Several sizes are great for
cable connectors and odd case screws. Small penlight that will fit in my
mouth and that I can breath around while I am taking thinks apart head down
in a dark dumpster or gaylord. Small pad to write down the part/model
numbers of items I can't identify, I can then look them up on the net. One
flexi magnetic thing to pick up dropped screws. Fine tip permanent marker
to label cables and receptacles. Small tipped needle nose pliers to
disconnect cables.

When I am going fast I occasionally have an old tiny speaker magnet in a
plastic petri dish that I can throw screws at and they stick.

Magnifying glass that folds in/out of case. I have found that my glasses
get in the way if I wear them, they fall off in the worst places even with a
strap, are focussed wrong especially in the dark. My eyes need help
identifying disk drives, CPU type and memory chip numbers.

I'm having withdrawal, I haven't looked at an unknown computer in 3 days. I
need a fix.

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