Source for Osborne documentation?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Dec 6 18:11:10 2000

Tony Duell skrev:

>> conversion service would leave them S.O.L. for the images, but doesn't
>> everybody with internet access have a modern computer they can use to look
>> at PDFs?

>No. As an example, I don't.

>My PC (which is what I use to access the Internet) has an MDA card (text
>only). I run a text-based linux system.

Don't you have any printer to dump it to? That is the best way to read a PDF
(and the best reason to stay at school).

>The machines I have with reasonable graphics (PERQs, I2S image displays,
>etc) don't seem to have pdf viewers ported to them...

LOL, what a shame. The PERQ screen seems to be really well-suited to portrait

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