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Date: Thu Dec 7 00:30:35 2000

I carry a full metric car kit for my Jetta - never need it for the car but
for oil changes etc, but some heavier than normal tools have been useful
on site.

My standard kit:

Leatherman Supertool in leather pouch on hip. - I use this a LOT for the
blades mainly. Cellphone.
Jeweler's screwdriver set
Battery operated screwdrivers - two of them
Electric drill and LONG bit.
Lots of cd's, OS/2 warp, SCO, linux, windows 9x,nt,2k
Floppies: Magic 9x boot, Tom's RTBT, Partition Magic, Drive Image,
EZdrive, Ghost, Procom Plus for DOS (good for testing serial ports on unix
servers). 10baseT test set
Full set of serial gender/type benders and christmas tree
Serial, 10base10/T crimpers, connectors and pins
Several Manual screwdrivers
clipboard, pen, sharpie pen
External USR 56k modem, cables, adapters, powerpack
Univeral power pack and plugs (DC)
600 watt 12vdc to 120vac voltage inverter
portable p188, 6gig, 64mb ram. Runs OS/2 v4 plays MP3's in car portable
Data General battery-operated dumb terminal
Radio Shack 15watt/45watt soldering iron, reel of silver solder, sponge
curved hemostats
shrink-wrap tubing
electrical tape
wire dykes
ti35+ calculator
floppy-disk-shaped calculator in floppy box if I forget the above hex,
torx, flat bit sets
hex driver
#1,#2, #3 manual screwdrivers
manual flathead drivers
car charger for cell phone
tape adapter for mp3 player
black ballistic nylon Dr's bag
canned air
matches and lighter
butane soldering iron
Hoppes #9 gun oil
several metal files
spare mice: PS/2 and serial
pair of 'bastard' pliers - mainly for crimping ribbon cable.
terminators and T's for 10base2
spare null and patch cables for 10baseT
Silver print conductive paint.
spare Edison power cables
tent - no kidding
cal .22 Remington Viper with 500rds in trunk (rarely used ;-0)) RJ11
telephone cable
100' 110vac extension cable
GI issue parka
spare jacket (in case that cute secretary or passenger gets cold).
Outmoded by wife v1.0 (in that cute secretaries/doctors/judges are out).
Flashlights (two). One standard, one designed to examine the barrel of a
firearm. This is useful when trying to shine a light around a corner -
$3.00 at gun show. allen wrenches in metric and standard
Keychain has a swiss army knife clone if I really get desperate Magnets
yanked from hard disk drives. I use these to magnetize my bits. bag of
standard sized screws and mounts
work order
toys that somehow get in my 'doctor's bag' from time to time as placed by
4yr old step-daughter Milaci have actually come in handy..... brain


ethernet diagnostic tool
Serial end-to-end test set
proper ground
rappeling gear
'notcher' type cutters for modifying sheet-metal parts - where do you get
these? 2ghz Althlon notebook with 8hr battery life
wireless internet access from wished-for notebook
100mbit networking at the shop/home
no more windows than you

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