RML380Z bits was summat boring about 'sploding psus

From: kebabthesheep <kebabthesheep_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Dec 7 04:09:07 2000

--- Paul Williams <flo_at_rdel.co.uk> wrote: > kebabthesheep wrote:
> >
> > OH - the RML380Z now works fine with it's replacement low-density
> > controller :) Both drives light up, make noise and try to do things,
> > so I'm a happy bunny :) I'd still like to get the high density
> > controller going sometime - but a least now i'm one step closer to
> > booting cp/m.
> Have you got a CP/M disk yet, Dave, or is that the remaining step?

Yes, I thought that would be confusing just after I pressed 'send' Anyway - I have several
teledisk boot images for various versions of cp/m, and a i'm currently looking for an older floppy
controller, and some HD disks, so I can write them to floppy.

> I ask because I acquired a 380Z over the weekend, and I don't have disks
> or manuals either. In fact, I don't have any means of making a 5.25
> disk.

Bummer. You'll be wanting a pc with an old 51/4" drive, and old controller you will :)

> For the record, my 380Z contains:
> 1. VDU 80/02. 80-column text card.
> 2. CPU board, 32K RAM
> 3. RAM board, 32K

Yep. Got all these.

> 4. Graphics board, feeds four BNC sockets (RGB+sync)

Ooo! COLOUR graphics? Very posh :) I've only got the composite video one. Don't know if it's
colour, cos i've got an old panasonic composite monitor, but i'm sure it'll be monochrome.

> 5. I/O board for serial and floppy. PCB number 207-252.
> 6. Another graphics board? Contains PAL modulator, and also feeds
> another monitor socket.

AND! The modulator! Tsk. Nice find sir!

> There seems to be a lack of PCB drawing numbers on these boards, so I'm
> not sure how to tie up this information with other descriptions posted
> previously.
> This machine seems to date from February 1983. Two 5.25 floppies, and
> COS 4.0B/M.

Yes, I have a spare cpu with that exact version of COS.

I'm going to build a website for it - just a few pics, all the data I have, and all the software,
I just need to get around to doing it. If/when you get yourself a 51/4" drive and old controller,
just drop me a mail, and i'll send you the disk images.


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