Archival CDs

From: Bill Layer <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 09:35:31 2000

Hello, can anyone "confirm or deny" this? <grin>

> Am I mistreating archival CDs in the first place?

Supposedly, the US military did a study in the late 1980's to determine the
best archival mediums for the long haul. This concerns military secrets and
other issues of national security. CDs were originally considered to be the
easy winner, but when subjected to the accelerated aging process, it was
found that a standard aluminum CD could only be trusted with 100% data
integrity for about 35 to 40 years.

Most interesting, was the supposed conclusion of the study, which ened up
selecting paper punchcards as the ultimate archival medium, lasting a minimum
of 300 years when properly stored. Well imagine that.

Am I the only one to have heard this story?

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