Star Commander / CCS64 plug

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 14:22:09 2000

> > Star Commander, yes, and the C64S emulator can as well, but they're limited
> > to dealing in .d64s and isolated files. The Commodore filesystem doesn't
> > translate so good with DOS and vice-versa.

> Plug #2: CCS64 Emulator by Per Hakan Sundell. This is far and away, the best
> DOS / Windows emulator for the Commodore64. I have yet to find anything that
> it could not do, and it's full of extra features (overclock your virtual
> C-64, etc.). Mr Sundell is a very impressive programmer, as this work alone
> will show. Homepage for CCS64 is found at:

Not CCS64, but C64S -- one of the earliest emulators. C64S itself is quite
good in its own way -- it is the only emulator that can send sound to the
internal PC speaker, and it is the only emulator that can talk to serial
devices using an X1541 cable. It also runs well on a 386 since it was written
in assembly by hand. Very few emulators nowadays can do any of these feats,
let alone all three.

But CCS64 is also very good. :-)

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