NEXTcube, now what?

From: Sean Caron <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 14:34:55 2000

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> > I'd rather run
> > NeXTStep myself (since it is such a good match for the hardware - you
> > can run BSD almost anywhere, but only NeXT systems [for all practical
> > purposes] can run NeXTStep)
> You may still be able to get NeXTStep 3.3 installation media (on CD-ROM)
> from Apple. There was a program to provide Y2K updates, with NS 3.3 thrown
> in as a bonus. All you had to do was provide Apple with the serial number
> of your Cube or Slab (black hardware only). NeXT took the very sensible
> position that the OS is integral to the machine, so to prove that you have
> the right to the OS, you just had to prove you have a Cube of Slab. I
> believe the upgrade was free, but you may have had to pay S & H. The
> program was still in effect 9 months ago.

I love this program! I was able to get NeXTStep v3.3 with all manuals for
all platforms with documentation shipped like second-day for free! Talk
support! I don't know if it's still in operation, as the Apple web site that
referenced it doesn't seem to exist anymore. It was definitely a BIG help to
me in getting my Slab running nicely.

> The external SCSI connector on NeXTs is an Apple-standard DB-25, so any
> external SCSI CD-ROM will do, and NeXTs can be setup to boot from CD-ROM.
> Regards,
> Mark "Still remorseful about selling my Cube" Gregory

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