Craftsman (was: What tools do you carry, always

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 19:18:53 2000

On Thu, 7 Dec 2000, Dwight Elvey wrote:
> Hi Fred
> I hope you bought the Snap-on, I know I would.
Of course!

> > The Sears tools are NOT comparable quality to what they once were.
> > The metallurgy is worse, and the workmanship is TERRIBLE!
> > Take a look at a current Sears socket or box end wrench - frequently the
> > broaching isn't even centered!
> In general, the Craftsman tools are OK. The sockets are at least
> made of somewhat hardened metal. One could do a lot worse.

Yes, they ARE "OK". But they USED TO be "very good". I'm complaining not
so much about the quality as about the reduction in quality since the
good old days. In the early 60s, they were almost a competitor to
Snap-On. Now they compete with the Hrbor freight generics.

> If I could get a good set of socket from say Mac or Snap-On for
> the same price as Craftsman, I'd do it. Over the years, the only
> Craftsman tool I refuse to waste time with it their screw drivers.
> Some are way too brittle or to soft. One should not be able to
> bend or break them using only your hand.

In the 60s, they were pretty good. I prize my OLD Craftsman screwdrivers.
Then they started cutting corners, particularly in their metallurgy. But
for extended use, I much prefer the Snap-On handle style. Harbor Freight
now has cheap generics with handles that imitate the Snap-Ons.

> I find the top of the line Stanley screw drivers work well
> but most hardware stores only carry the cheap ones.

Stanley seems to still make some good ones. But these days, I find that
I'm happier with just using bits in a holder. The Snap-On ratcheting
holder is a joy to use - I've never found anyone else's ratchet to be
acceptable. Snap-On also makes some ribbed bits for the screws pleasure
(small ribs on the end keep the bit from riding up out of marginal screw

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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