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Date: Thu Dec 7 20:06:32 2000

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> > Aw, come on Tony -- you mean your ZX81 doesn't have a printer? You can

> Yes, of course it does. Problem is, finding the metalised paper for it :-)

Ah -- here in the states we use the Alphacom 32, which uses any white thermal
(fax) paper which has the same width as the ZX81 printer.
> > one at any car boot for a couple of pounds, you know ;>) Of course, you
> > still have to type it back in, unless you splurge and buy a cassette
> recorder
> > . . .
> You mean that's more reliable and faster than writing down the program
> and retyping it? That's news to me :-) :-)

Well that just proves you can learn something new every day ;>)

I went through four tape players before I found one which worked error-free
with my home-built ZX81. It has been 95 percent reliable over a two-year

Additionally I use a fast-data-transfer program (FASTLOADER) which increases
the speed of SAVEs and LOADs by 16 times. What's cool about this software is
that it merges with the program I'm working with, so I don't have to pre-load
the FASTLOADER. I pretty much just SAVE and LOAD as usual.

I don't know about your penmanship, but I can't write down 16 KB of BASIC
instructions in 30 seconds ;>)

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