Tools without warranty...

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Thu Dec 7 22:26:36 2000

Well, I can say from experience that Xcelite does not warranty their tools
for anything other than manufacturing defects, since I broke one of their
torx bits recently.. Nor was my Stanley torx driver that I broke on the same
stubborn torx warrenteed.. grr.. thats when I got out Ye Olde Drill. Of
course, I must say that my tools comprise a weird combination of like 8
toolsets, mine, my dad's, both of my grandfather's, and around 4 or so misc.
sets of tools that we have at work and bought at auction.. But not having to
produce a reciept is good, I recently took a Craftsman tool that broke
before I was alive to Sears and got it replaced, no sweat.

Will J
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