What is an Emulex UD23?

From: miller_at_keyways.com <(miller_at_keyways.com)>
Date: Thu Dec 7 19:39:13 2000


The Emulex UD23 should be a Unibus ESDI disk controller. If the firmware
version is high enough there should be FRD (on board field runnable diags)
that you can invoke via ODT. Email if you need setup info or instructions
on starting the FRD.


>In the PDP-11/84 that whas recently rolled in here, I found an Emulex
>UD23 card. What does this card do? I searched on the net, but couldn't
>find any information on it, not even on my own site ;-) and all the
>periphals that came with the 11/84 all have their own cards in there.

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