MO question

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Dec 8 07:20:17 2000

> In a nice freebie haul that included a 128M Quadra 950, a 660AV,
> a Syquest external, an HP ScanJet IIc, DeskWriter C, there was
> an Optima Concorde 600 meg magneto-optical drive. This is
> the Sony SMO-E501 mechanism.

That's an odd-sized capacity... are these 5.25 inch carts, or
3.25 inch carts? If the latter, are you sure they aren't 640MB

> On the back of the external SCSI box, there was a DIN-5 connector,
> like a keyboard connector, that piqued my curiousity. Inside,
> I saw that it was simply an external connector for 5 volt power.
> What might have this been used for?

For a portable (i.e. 12-volt car accessory) power supply? In order
to use it with a portable/notebook/laptop?

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