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From: John Foust <>
Date: Fri Dec 8 07:42:54 2000

At 08:20 AM 12/8/00 -0500, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
>That's an odd-sized capacity... are these 5.25 inch carts, or
>3.25 inch carts? If the latter, are you sure they aren't 640MB

The company's drive case label says 600 although I've seen
similar units that claim 640. One 5 1/4 cart was included.

>> On the back of the external SCSI box, there was a DIN-5 connector,
>> like a keyboard connector, that piqued my curiousity. Inside,
>> I saw that it was simply an external connector for 5 volt power.
>> What might have this been used for?
>For a portable (i.e. 12-volt car accessory) power supply? In order
>to use it with a portable/notebook/laptop?

The Quadra 950 must be the largest box Apple ever made, so
I don't think that was portable. :-) It hadn't occurred to
me that the power would be coming in - that's an interesting
possibility. What does a conventional power supply do when
it is off and power comes in the wrong way?

- John
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