Professors worry that engineering students don't tinker enoug h...

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Dec 8 10:19:11 2000

> Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> > False. In most states of the U.S., if you represent yourself as an
> > of any kind, and you are not a licensed engineer, you are committing a
> > albeit a misdemeanor.
> Not in California, unless it's one of a handful of engineering disciplines
> specifically identified by statute. You'd pretty much have to sign
> "P.E." after your name to get in trouble here.
> This isn't to imply that California is particularly progressive in this
> area (for some value of "progressive"), but rather that nobody has
> bothered revising the statutes since being an "engineer" automatically
> implied civil, geological or the sort that operates trains...

Well, in contrast with how regressive other states are, I'd indeed call
that progressive.

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