q: old dial-up MUD-like commercial game?

From: Ryan K. Brooks <ryan_at_hack.net>
Date: Fri Dec 8 15:42:15 2000

Wow... classiccmp comes through again! Thanks Lawrence!

Do you know how it went from UM to commercial? I assume some sort of company
owned the rights?



Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> > Just having a moment of nostalgia here..
> >
> > Anyone remember having a multi-player D&D/MUD like game dial-up
> > service in their city? I'm thinking around 1985 or earlier... it was
> > some sort of a timeshare system with 8/16/24 ports that people could
> > dial in to at an hourly rate and play. As I recall it was some sort of
> > franchise and we had one here in Milwaukee (414 area code) that was
> > quite popular- I believe it was called Sceptre, but I'm not sure if that
> > was the name of the game/world/town, etc.
> The Sceptre of Goth. I forget its original name, but it was originally
> written in BASIC with additional assembly language pieces. originally
> written on and for the MECC computer (Minnesota Educational Computer
> Consortium, or something like that) which was a Control Data Cyber
> system that was connected to remote terminals in various High Schools
> across the state of Minnesota. there were MANY games written on that
> system, many of which were multi-user.
> The program was running well before 1981 when I started attending classes
> at the University of Minnesota (which had its own Cybers of course, but
> word gets around...). later the game was commercialized in several cities.
> if i recall correctly, it was written by Alan Klietz? To add new castles
> (areas) the game had to be taken down and recompiled.
> Of course, at the U of Minnesota, the game of choice was Karnath, a HUGE
> 3D cube of rooms, multi-user, the maze being randomly generated when the
> person who ran the game decided to start a new game.
> And for the lucky devils who worked downtown at CDC headquarters, the
> game of choice was probably Archon (?) or whatever it was called, it
> used line drawing plato terminals to visually show a 3D maze, and you
> could talk with other players at other sites, etc.
> -Lawrence LeMay
> >
> > Just wondering what kind of hardware & software was hosting this game;
> > it was quite addictive (or perhaps I was mesmerized by trying to use an
> > 80-column terminal on a C64).
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