Data Archival (OT Long)

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Fri Dec 8 16:04:24 2000

EMC and other disk storage manufacturers are trying to convince everybody to
move all of the data online and just buy more disk arrays when you need
them. We are trying to setup a system to archive medical images and are
required to keep the image for at least 25 years. The 25 years is 7 years
past the point the child turns 18. Of course that could change. The
medical archive manufacturers all swear that online storage is the way to
go. Of course their true interest is the next quarters profit margin.

I am from the old school and like off line backups. Now the question is
what kind of off line backup. I have old thermafax medical reports that are
35 years old and are basically unreadable. Film at least will survive if it
is stored properly. I know we have 8" floppy data of CT images from the
late 70's and probably 1600 bpi 9-track tapes. I don't even try to read

Everybody is converting their 16mm cardiac angiography movies from film to

I think I need to develop a film based technology. There probably is some
sort of microfilm already around.

If you want real long term storage I have heard that there are people
working on 10,000 year storage methods, etched iridium plates. For some
reason I seem to remember that the genealogy people in Salt Lake City, Utah
are working with this.
Mike McFadden
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