q: old dial-up MUD-like commercial game?

From: Eric J. Korpela <korpela_at_ellie.ssl.berkeley.edu>
Date: Fri Dec 8 18:11:45 2000

> Anyone remember having a multi-player D&D/MUD like game dial-up
> service in their city? I'm thinking around 1985 or earlier... it was
> some sort of a timeshare system with 8/16/24 ports that people could
> dial in to at an hourly rate and play. As I recall it was some sort of
> franchise and we had one here in Milwaukee (414 area code) that was
> quite popular- I believe it was called Sceptre, but I'm not sure if that
> was the name of the game/world/town, etc.

ca. 1985 chat lines were starting to be popular. The ones I frequented
when I was in Madison, WI weren't really D&D type things or MUDs as such.
The BeeLine was Apple II based. Don't know what hardware exactly. I
was bigger into Warlord Chat which was an IBM PC talking to 4 Atari 400s
each handling 2 modems. The PC-Atari interface was an impressive bit of
wire wrap, or so I was told. I never saw it first hand.

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