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Date: Fri Dec 8 19:27:20 2000

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>On 8 Dec 2000, Iggy Drougge wrote:

>> Not really. This scheme is already implemented in one big French department
>> store (Lafayette?) in Paris. Webshoppers are assigned a "drone", basically
>> a young human male equipped with rollerskates, a headset and a
>> helmet-mounted webcam. You may then control the shopping drone as it roams
>> around the shops as you please by issuing vocal commands.

>I saw a news program about this. An interesting concept, but what happens
>when you need condoms or hemorrhoid cream or an enema bag?

You tell your personal shopper to go get it. Of course, you'd need to tell him
in French, but if you're shopping from another country, what is there to fear?

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