Heathkit Fall 1978 catalog now on-line; H-8, H-11, H-9 and ET-3400.

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sat Dec 9 20:43:05 2000


   You're welcome. Believe it or not but about ten years ago I had a FULL
set of docs for the H11. I kept them for a long time until I found someone
that would preserve them. That was before my last move and I've lost track
of the guy that I gave them to.


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>> Hi,
>> I just finished scanning all of the computer related pages from my Fall
>> 1978 Heathkit catalag and posting them on the web...
>Thank you for these. I have been (slowly) restoring an H-11 I recovered
>from the crawlspace of a former boss. We did custom DEC work about 12-14
>years ago on his H-11 (KDF-11) and my 11/23 (the target system was an 11/73
>w/4Mb RAM, Fuji Eagle, the works, running TSX-11 - I loved the fact that I
>could develop on a system I paid $300 for and deliver code to a machine that
>cost >$10K).
>I'm still on the lookout for the schematics for the Heathkit floppy
>Mine siezes the bus such that on power-on, I never get an ODT prompt. If I
>put a gap in the Qbus, I can run the CPU, see the I/O registers on the floppy
>card, etc., but, of course, it doesn't boot up fully - it seems to read in
>the boot block, but as soon as RT-11 turns up interrupts, because of the
>break in the grant chain, they, of course, never come. I really just need
>to know what chips have their fingers in the interrupt handling and to
>just replace them. My board is socketed and I have checked all the TTL
>with an IC tester. I'm down to the Heath/DEC bus driver/receiver parts.
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