no power to Toshiba T1200 laptop

From: Mark Price <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 14:26:57 2000

I picked up a Toshiba T1200 laptop at Goodwill yesterday. Of course, it
came with nothing, not so much as a power adapter, and nothing there to test
it with, but I couldn't resist. I picked a power adapter from Radio Shack
this morning, 12V, 1500mA, and plugged it in. There's a little red blinky
starts blinking on the top of the case just above the on/off switch, but
nothing else, no power-on, no boot, no bios screen, no nothin'. Any clue
what's going on? Is the CMOS battery dead? Is the battery charging? Any
experience, wisdom, and/or pages you'd have to share would be most
appreciated. Thanks!

Mark Price, Library Computer Specialist
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
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fax: 503-846-3220
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