From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 17:53:58 2000

> >Which game was that? I play games on the 128 and I'm still little. :-P
> >(Well, 24 is little on this list. ;-)
> In college and afterward, I worked at Sight and Sound
> Music Software, which had titles like Kawasaki Music
> Synthesizer and Kawasaki Rhythm Rocker, among others.
> Obscure enough or CP-ed such that they don't show up
> in warez lists on the web today, but once upon a time,
> they were sold through K-Mart.

Hah! I have an Incredible Music Keyboard, so it's not *that* obscure. :-)
Is it true that the IMK was somehow related to the Commodore SFX Music Maker
overlay? They are very suspiciously similar (see


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