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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Dec 11 10:22:49 2000


   Cool! I'd like to see your list when you finish it. I was surprised how
little I had on the O-1. I thought I had more for it. I've been reading
the O-1 Technical Manual. It's VERY thorough. I wish I had one like it for
the Executive.


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>> Here's the list of the Osborne Manuals and software that I could find. I'm
>> planning on sending them to Josh for him to scan. Does anyone else have any
>> other manuals?
>Yes! I have two cardboard boxes full of Osborne software
>and manuals! Not sure exactly what's in there, but I do
>recall a few Microsoft language products and a copy of
>DataStar, the database companion to WordStar. Oh, and a
>detective game.
>I'll have to take another look and make a list.
>John Honniball
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>University of the West of England
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