no power to Toshiba T1200 laptop

From: David C. Jenner <>
Date: Mon Dec 11 11:32:34 2000

The Toshiba 1200 uses Toshiba AC Adapter Model PA7485U,
which is 12V, 2.2A, center positive. The back of the
computer says "12V" at the jack.

If your 12V, 1.5A adapter (which is likely +centered,
otherwise you wouldn't get the LED lighting up) is
insufficient to power the machine with a dead battery,
you might get the behavior you describe. Try letting
the battery charge overnight, or get a beefier supply.


Ethan Dicks wrote:
> --- Mark Price <> wrote:
> > I picked up a Toshiba T1200 laptop at Goodwill yesterday. Of course, it
> > came with nothing, not so much as a power adapter, and nothing there to test
> > it with, but I couldn't resist. I picked a power adapter from Radio Shack
> > this morning, 12V, 1500mA, and plugged it in.
> IIRC, the T1200 wants 9VDC (there's a block of 4 NiCd cells inside that
> suggests to me that it's 6VDC internal and 9VDC to charge it)
> I just happened to see one about a week ago at our weekly Geek Lunch. I'm
> pretty sure the wart was 6VCD.
> Good luck,
> -ethan
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