Fw: BBK-S4 and Solaris 2.6

From: Eric J. Korpela <korpela_at_ellie.ssl.berkeley.edu>
Date: Mon Dec 11 14:09:00 2000

> > Another possibility is that this support is offered by a third-party
> > driver.
> I find that hard to believe as there MUST be some way to get access to
> the raw sbus via Solaris to
> communicate with ANY sbus-based cards. And besides, the BTSS is the
> device driver software, but
> it needs the /dev/sbus[0-3] devices to communciate directly to the card....

There is a way to get to the devices through the /devices tree.
I'm pretty sure that mapped io can be done through the devices in
/devices/iommu_at_f,e0000000/sbus_at_f,e0001000/sbusmem_at_0,0:slot0 in the
same way as through /dev/sbus0.

Of course, in solaris, the names of these directories will vary depending
upon the system type (because the addresses can change). You should be
able to puzzle out the correct devices from /devices tree and link them
to /dev/sbus* if that's what the software expects to see.

Of course, doing it wrong will crash you real good.

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