Scrounging in Florida

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The thrift stores in Northwest Miami (123st, 163st), and in SouthWest
Miami (107ave area) were good ten years ago...



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>> OK while the rest of you are freezing and getting ready for Christams, we
>> here in Florida and enjoying beautifull wheather and still fighting over
>> the election! A few of us are taking advantage of the weather and are out
>> scrounging for old computers and other interesting stuff. <snip>

>I am headed to Ft. Lauderdale later this month. Any suggestions for
>places to visit with regards to finding 'puters? I am not looking for
>anything in particular, probably something along the lines of fleamarkets
>or places that sell used hardware. Keep in mind that my wife and her
>mother will probably be in tow. They are concerned that I will be bored
>and want to include something of interest for me. Also any pointers on
>book stores that sell used books and/or used CD/45/LP's.


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