Unix and 2038

From: Mike Kenzie <KenzieM_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Tue Dec 12 07:27:18 2000

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> >Still I wonder how many emulators can one run under
another? I know
> >I've done Linux -> DOS -> CP/M, Linux -> Linux doesn't
count (self-
> >referencing variables ;-).
> I've often wondered about this myself... using a technique
like this,
> one might approach the speed of the original hardware --
from the
> other side, of course...
> Imagine a pdp-8 emulater, running under RT-11 on an
emulated-11, running
> under TOPS-10 on an emulated-10, etc... As I said, you
might end up
> having a pdp-8 emulator which is slowed down far enough to
match the
> speed of the original hardware... :-)

Is anyone collecting the emulators?

They'd take up a lot less space and be much easier to move
or ship across the country. Maybe we could designate them
with an e such as PDP-11e to indicate an emulator in the
Wouldn't need to worry as much about carrying the right
tools, the spouse would never know how many we really
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