CD's as parabolic mirrors?

From: John Foust <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 08:43:22 2000

At 09:24 PM 12/11/00 -0600, John Tinker wrote:
>Chuck McManis wrote:
>> Come on folks, think about this! CD's are slightly parabolic to the label
>> side because the darn CD cases take moch more force to get the CD *out*
>> than they do to put the CD *in*.
>It is also true of CD's that have never been used, though granted, my sample
>is small. I'm wondering if it is possibly an effect of the metalization
>process. Isn't the metalization vapor deposited?

How about the possibility that the disc is warped slightly
when it's punched from a larger piece of plastic?

- John
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