Wang t-shirt (humor?)

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 11:25:46 2000

Bill Layer skrev:

>Anyone know where I might find a t-shirt with the WANG name on it? I'm sure
>you can all appreciate the potential humor value (especially if you have ever
> seen a particular episode of The Simpsons, where Martin has one).

I don't know about T-shirts, but I've got a nifty shirt pin with a flashing
LED in it and the words "WANG knows LANs". =)

>Seriously, if there is no source, would it be worth running a few :) ? Didn't
> Wang get bought by Getronics in the last few years?

Now, where can I get my "I'm a SORD hacker" shirt?

BTW, what's wrong with Wang, and why did Martin get scoffed at for wearing
such a shirt?

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