10,000 years? (was: Data Archival (OT Long)

From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Tue Dec 12 14:22:17 2000

> By then, we may resolve the question on this list.
> By then, will MICROS~1 have been broken up?
Yes, but not in the way you think. You see, January 23rd, 10,002 the
Microsoft Commonwealth will be invaded by a hideous race known as the
Zorg. They invade us because of a bad trade agreement. It seems
that when they installed Windows 10,000 in their hospitals, the
systems crashed and all the tiny little Zorglings in the creche

They'll completely devistate humanity in a ragged war that will
last a hundred years. By the time we defeat them, we'll be once again
trapped in Mother Earth's gravity well.

All won't be lost though since an enterprising young man will discover a
cache of Z-80 (and glue logic) chip mask drawings etched in gold. Thus
the 2341st Computer Revolution will be born. This same individual will
find the glass holodisc archive of http://www.retroarchive.org and CP/M
will once again flourish in the land.

Bill Gates XXXXXXXIIIV will of course try to co-opt this in his grandest
family tradition by naming it "Computer Program/Microsoft", but no one
pays any attention and a short time later he's fed feet first into a
recently restored 20th century automated sausage press. [Which it is
later discovered to have been restored for this exact purpose.]
> By then, will we have a RELIABLE OS?
Depends on how the Zorg react to CP/M, now doesn't it?
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